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Depth of Field Films is a collaboration between two filmmakers & friends with over 40 years of experience. Whether it’s investigative reporting, exploration of the human experience, or helping brands communicate their essence, Depth of Field productions have an impact. 

Featured Projects

Theater in the Time of Plague

How do you put on a play with no actors and no audience?

Michal Zadara, a cutting edge Polish theater director, returns to his alma mater Swarthmore College, to direct Women of Trachis, a tragedy by Sophocles. When COVID shuts down campus, the show goes on. This film is in post production.

Diplomacy in a Virtual World

The United Nations has hired Depth of Field to demonstrate the potential for using virtual reality to brief UN Security Council diplomats on hot spots throughout the world.

We conducted a sort of on-camera social experiment. More than a dozen diplomats representing countries around the world watched an immersive VR documentary about Colombians healing from a half century of civil war. Can virtual reality help build peace?

This short film is in post production.

Mexican Diplomat Experiencing Virtual Reality
Australian Diplomat Experiencing VR

Abandoned Hard Cider

The folks at Abandoned Hard Cider harvest their apples from abandoned orchards throughout the Hudson Valley. They wanted a series of short videos showing the simplicity and beauty of taking apples and yeast and making deliciousness.

The individual shorts were released on social, while this compilation loops on a screen in Abandon’s taproom.